Why do french fries processing need blanching

french fries need blanching

In the processing of potato chips and French fries, there is a very important link. The potato chips and French fries are blanched before frying, so why blanch the French fries?

Blanching sequence

Blanching is a process carried out after the potatoes are peeled and cut into strips. After the blanching, the potatoes need to be dehydrated. This is because the potatoes will have moisture on the surface after they are blanched. The process will cause oil splashing.

French fries blanching time

When blanching, heat the French fries briefly in high-temperature water. The blanching temperature is generally between 80℃-100℃, and the blanching time is about 1 minute. Time and water temperature must be controlled.

What are the benefits of blanching potatoes?

1. Remove mold and bacteria on the surface of French fries. During the processing of French fries, some French fries are potatoes that have been stored for a long time. At this time, certain bacteria may remain on the surface of the potatoes. Blanching can quickly kill the bacteria.

2. Protect the color of potatoes. After the potatoes are left for too long, the surface will turn black. By quickly blanching the potatoes, the enzymes in the potatoes can be killed, and then the potatoes can maintain their bright color. In addition, the potatoes after blanching can still be used. Extend storage time.

3. Blanching can reduce the absorption of extra fat by potatoes. During the frying process, the scalded potato will quickly form a layer of starch on the surface, which limits the absorption of fat and ensures a crispy taste after frying.

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