In which countries are banana chips popular?

banana chips

Banana chips are a popular snack in many countries, especially in tropical regions where bananas are grown. Some of the countries where banana chips are popular include:

Indian banana chips

Banana chips, also known as “banana wafers,” are a popular snack in India, especially in southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They are often served as a tea-time snack or as an accompaniment to meals.

Frying banana chips
Banana Wafers

Philippines banana chips

In the Philippines, banana chips are known as “turon” or “maruya” and are popular street food. They are often coated with caramelized sugar or dipped in batter before frying.

Banana chips

Thailand banana chips

In Thailand, banana chips are known as “kluay tod” and are often served as a snack or dessert. They are typically fried with sesame seeds and coated with sweet syrup.

Indonesia banana chips

Kluay tod
kluay tod

In Indonesia, banana chips are known as “kripik pisang” and are a popular snack that can be found in markets and street food stalls. They are often seasoned with spicy flavors such as chili or garlic.

Ecuador banana chips


In Ecuador, banana chips are known as “chifles” and are a popular snack made from green plantains. They are often served with a variety of dips and sauces.

United States banana chips

Banana chips
banana chips

In the United States, banana chips are popular as a healthy snack alternative to potato chips. They are often sold in health food stores and online retailers.

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