500kg/h banana chips production line sold to Ethiopia

banana chips production line for sale

Recently, we sold a 500kg/h banana chips production line to Ethiopia. We are pleased to provide solutions to a well-known snack processing factory in Ethiopia.

Urgent need to expand production scale

This factory enjoys a high reputation in the local area and produces a variety of delicious snacks that are deeply loved by consumers. To meet the growing market demand, the customer decided to expand its business and add a banana chip snack production line to increase production capacity and product diversity.

Popular banana chips
popular banana chips

Banana chips production line implementation process

The customer saw our banana production line on the website and was very interested, so he contacted us. We respond immediately and arrange for the most professional sales managers to provide consulting services. We have provided Ethiopian customers with an advanced banana chips production line, which mainly covers the following key processes:

Banana slicing: precise slicing equipment ensures that each banana slice is consistent in size and thickness, providing stable raw materials for subsequent processes.
Air-drying: removes moisture from the surface of banana slices.
Frying and blanching: using frying equipment that precisely controls temperature and time, banana slices are evenly crispy and golden in color.
Oil removal: removes excess oil to ensure the taste and health of banana chips.
Seasoning: customize various flavors of banana chips according to customer needs to meet the preferences of different consumers.
Packaging: automated packaging equipment ensures that banana chips are packaged quickly and hygienically, maintaining the freshness and quality of the product.

Deoiling machine
deoiling machine

Positive feedback from customer

The Ethiopian customer excitedly shared with us that since the introduction of this fully automatic banana chips production line, it has expanded its business scale and achieved greater success in the market.

Commercial chips and fries seasoning machine
commercial chips and fries seasoning machine

If you also want to do snack processing business, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to fully automatic banana chip production lines, we also provide automatic potato chips processing lines. We provide 24-hour non-stop consulting services, welcome to consult!

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