Bangladesh’s Large French Fries Line Has Been Put Into Production

Industrial potato chips processing plant

Many Southeast Asian countries have been our important fries machine sales market, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, and so on. Recently, our Bangladesh customer told us that the large french fries line at his factory has officially entered production.

French fries processing
french fries processing

How was this Bangladesh french fries line ordered?

The Bangladesh customer visited our website in October last year and took the initiative to contact us. He said that he and his friends were very interested in our French fries processing project. Therefore, he hoped that we could provide a reference quotation for the whole set of french fries machines.

Our sales manager communicated with the customer in time and learned that the customer and his friends wanted to use the funds in their hands to invest in a business. They have visited a small French fries processing plant and have a basic understanding of the processing process of French fries.

Commercial french fry lines details of taizy factory
Commercial French Fry Lines Details Of Taizy Factory

Our sales manager has formulated a detailed fries production plan for the customer according to the customer’s needs, including the recommendation of the output of the fries production line, the calculation of the plant area, the confirmation of the voltage, the working video and parameters of the machine, the quotation of the fries production line, investment analysis and profit analysis of French fries production.

The customer was satisfied with our fries processing machine and the service we provided and immediately decided to visit our factory in January this year. In mid-January of this year, the customer and his friend came to our factory as scheduled and exchanged many technical issues with our engineers. In the end, the customer signed an order for Bangladesh french fries line with a capacity of 500kg/h at our factory.

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