Do You Know the Top 5 Potato Producers in the World?

potato plantation of the world

One factor to consider when investing in potato chips and french fries production lines are whether there are sufficient sources of potatoes. Not only to consider the local potato production status but also to understand the world’s top 5 potato producers, namely China, India, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States.

Production overview of the top 5 potato producers


China is the world’s largest potato producer. In recent years, China’s potato cultivation has continued to increase production, because the unit income of potatoes is higher than other crops. With the increase in the consumption of potato chips and french fries, the domestic demand for potatoes in China has been increasing.

About 15% of potatoes are processed into potato products with commercial potato chips making machines and french fries production lines. China’s potato growing regions are located in the western and northern regions. The annual output is 96.13 million tons, accounting for 25.4% of the world’s total output.

Fried wave potato chips
fried wave potato chips

2. India

Potato production in India has increased substantially since the 1950s. By 2000, its potato production had increased by about 850%. The industrialization of India is on the rise, which has led to an increase in the middle class and upper class, so they have a lot of income to consume various foods including French fries.

In addition, many new potato chips making machines and french fries machines have been introduced into India, which has also promoted the development of the domestic potato processing industry. The per capita potato consumption in India is 17 kg per year, and it is gradually increasing every year. The main potato producing areas in India are in the west. The south is not conducive to the growth of potatoes. Indian potato production is about 45.4 million tons per year, accounting for 12% of global output.

3. Russia

Russia is the world’s main producer of potatoes. 79% of its output comes from small farms, while 13% of its output comes from large enterprises. Farmers grow potatoes mainly for staple food, and the surplus is sold in the local market.

Russia’s cool climate is very suitable for potato cultivation. The potato deep-processing industry has also developed rapidly, and some large-scale fully automated potato chip processing plants have created huge economic benefits. The annual output of Russian potatoes is 31.5 million tons, accounting for 8.0% of the global total output.

4. Ukraine

Ukraine is famous for processing potatoes into starch and alcohol. In the early 20th century, potatoes became a staple food in Ukraine. Current statistics show that the annual per capita potato consumption in Ukraine is 136 kg. Ukraine produces about 23.7 million tons of potatoes annually, which is estimated to account for 5.9% of global output.

5. United States

The potato crops in the United States account for about 15% of total farm vegetable sales. 50% of its potatoes are processed into potato chips, frozen french fries, starch and animal feed. The frozen french fries processing industry in the United States is well developed.

The main potato production regions in the United States are Washington and Idaho, with production accounting for about half of total production. The annual output of potatoes in the United States is about 20.55 million tons, accounting for 5.2% of the global total output.

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