History of Potato Chips Making

amazing potato chips making process

Potato chips are a snack that people usually eat. Almost everyone in the world loves crisp potato chips. But most people don’t know much about the process of making potato chips or even don’t know the difference between fried potato chips and non-fries potato chips. The manufacturers of potato chips making machines today will popularize the development history of potato chips here.

Origin of potato chips

Crispy and salty potato chips are now popular all over the world. Snack shops, restaurants, and fast-food restaurants in almost every country are selling a variety of potato chip products, and the taste and variety of potato chips are ever-changing. So how did this potato snack come into being?

It is said that one day in 1853, a small hotel in New York ushered in a particularly discerning local tyrant. He repeatedly complained that the potato chips for dinner were too thick and asked the chef to redo them. The chef was so angry that he deliberately cut the potato chips as thin as paper.

Potato chips making process with the taizy machines
potato chips making process with the Taizy machines

Then pan-fried out a potato chip that was too thin to fork. The chef was thinking of forcing the tyrant to eat with a fork, but he was praised by the tyrant. Then the potato chips became popular. Later, the owner opened a restaurant to sell this delicious snack, and potato chips were invented in this way.

By the 1920s, the emergence of potato peeler machine promoted the popularity of potato chips. From the 1960s, potato chips became popular all over the world.

Common potato chips assortment

1. Fried potato chips

Fried potato chips are one of the most popular types of potato chips in the global market. You can either make them at home or use the potato chip production line in the factory for large-volume production.

Especially when processing potato chips in the plants, potatoes need to go through a series of processing processes, such as washing, peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydration, frying, deoiling, seasoning, and packaging, etc., before they can be finally made into delicious potato chips.

Fried potato chips made by the complete processing line
fried potato chips made by the complete processing line

2.Non-fried potato chips

Non-fried potato chips are usually produced by extrusion, and the production process does not require frying. However, the fat content of non-fried potato chips is usually more than 15%, and a few products are even as high as 30% or more. Compared with fried potato chips, their calories are not low.

In addition, non-fried potato chips may have a lower flavor than fried potato chips due to processing technology, because it requires more salt, sodium glutamate, sweeteners, etc., and it will also add potassium aluminum sulfate or aluminum sulfate Leavening agent such as ammonium. Therefore, compared to non-fried potato chips, eating fried potato chips is healthier and more delicious.

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