How Are the Banana Chips on the Market Made?

market banana chips made by banana chips line

Banana chips products on the market, whether baked or fried, are usually made by professional banana chips processing plants. Moreover, banana chips are very popular among consumers because of their sweet taste, rich nutrition, and easy storage.

At present, customers in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Indonesia have purchased a complete set of fried banana chips production line for large-scale production of delicious banana chips, and have obtained huge profits.

Nutritious fried banana chips
nutritious fried banana chips

Baked banana chips VS fried banana chips

Banana chips are delicious chips made by frying, baking, or dehydration/microwave. Different approaches can make banana chips with different flavors. Common banana chip products on the market are usually divided into baked banana chips and fried banana chips.

The production process of baked banana chips: Peeling fresh bananas-banana slicing-slight blanching of banana slices-shaking to remove water-drying in a continuous dryer machine (or apply a layer of oil on the dehydrated banana slices, and then put them in the oven to bake).

Semi-automatic fried banana chips line plant
semi-automatic fried banana chips line plant

The production process of fried banana chips: For the production of fried banana chips, you can choose a semi-automatic banana chip production line and a fully automatic banana chip processing line. Its main production processes include: peeling, slicing, cleaning, air-drying, frying, seasoning, and packaging.

Why do people produce fried banana chips?

Banana is a natural food, and its preservation time is longer. Moreover, its production is relatively regional, and the hot and humid climate is suitable for producing fresh bananas.

Processing bananas from the producing area into banana chips not only reduces the loss caused by banana rot due to long-term storage but also enables people who are far away from the banana producing area to taste nutritious banana slices, which can not only meet market demand but also Create huge income.

Therefore, many Southeast Asian countries with large banana production, such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, etc., have put into operation many banana chip processing plants, using a series of fried banana chip machines to produce banana chips on a large scale. These banana chips not only meet their domestic needs but also be exported to the world and increase income.

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