How To Clean A French Fries Fryer Machine?

make french fries with frying machine

In large operations that produce french fries, cleaning the french fries frying has become a problem for many french fries manufacturers, so it is necessary to figure out how to clean the french fries fryer.

Different french fries fryer machines

We provide three different types of frying machines, box fries frying machine, pot fries frying machine, and continuous fries frying machine. They have different advantages and can all be used in fries production lines.

Deep french fries fryer

Compact and takes up little space. The feeding and discharging of french fries takes place in the box. The frame can be removed for replacement or cleaning. The heating part consists of heating tubes, which can also be replaced. The output varies and is determined by the number of boxes. Small-scale fries production usually uses a 1-frame or 2-frame type fries frying machine. Medium-sized french fries production line usually uses a 3-frame or 4-frame type fries frying machine. The output ranges from Ranging from 50kg to 200kg.

Deep fryer
deep fryer

Batch french fries fryer

It can realize automatic feeding and discharging and is suitable for medium and large-scale fire production. Its advantage is that it can automatically stir and tumble, making the french fries fry more evenly and taste better.

Continuous frying machine

Suitable for large-scale french fries production, the automatic continuous french fries frying machine has a 3.5m long body and is more automatic and intelligent. There is a smoke exhaust system, which can also achieve gas heating in addition to electric heating.

Continuous frying machine
continuous frying machine

Tips for cleaning your frying machine

When cleaning the deep fryer, you should remove the frying frame and wait for it to cool down before wiping off the oil on the surface with a clean cloth, then wet it with water and add non-corrosive detergent to clean it. You can wipe it with the help of some brushes or cloths that will not damage the surface. Dry, rather than air dry naturally, be sure to keep it dry before installing.

The difference from the previous one is that the frying part of the batch french fries fryer machine cannot be disassembled, but it can be raised automatically. Before cleaning, let the frying pan automatically rise, wipe the oil on the surface, clean it again, and then drop it after drying.

Batch french fries fryer
batch french fries fryer

Continuous frying machine: if the machine you purchased is a type that can automatically raise and lower the frying part, then raise the frying part first, otherwise you will need to use human power to push the frying part to the side. Then cleaning may be more time-consuming and laborious, so be extra patient and wait for the machine to dry before restoring it to its original state.

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