How to Make Potato Chips in Plants?

industrial processing in potato plants with machines

To make delicious and crisp potato chips, we can do it at home or in plants with the whole set of potato chips machines. If investors have the plan to produce potato chips, in addition to understanding the performance of a series of potato chip processing machines, they also need to understand how to use potato chip production equipment to mass-produce high-quality potato chips in plants.

Detailed potato chips making process in plants

The specific process of making potato chips in large quantities in the factory: First, use an automatic washing and peeling machine to peel and clean potatoes as raw materials. After that, the washed and peeled potatoes are conveyed to the inspection table, and the peeled potatoes are manually sorted and sorted.

Whole set of potato chips machines for plants
whole set of potato chips machines for plants

The belt conveyor then feeds the peeled potatoes into an automatic slicer. After the potatoes are cut into the required slices, the free starch is washed with water. The washed potato chips are sent to a blanching machine for blanching.

Washed and blanched potato chips carry a large amount of attached water, so use a vibrating screen with a strong wind to separate individual potato chips, and blow-dry the attached water. Then it is transferred to a fryer machine, and the moisture content of potato chips is reduced from 80% to 2% to obtain crispy potato chips.

The oil content in the finished product of fried potato chips is between 30% and 40%, so an automatic deoiling machine is used to drain the oil remaining on the surface of the product. After that, the potato chips are conveyed to a drum seasoning machine for seasoning.

Wave shape potato chips made by chips line
Wave Shape Potato Chips Made By Chips Line

Processors can add different seasonings based on different products. Then the flavored potato chips are delivered to the packaging workshop, and the product is packed into the required size and shape.

The commonly-sold potato chips processing lines in Taizy

At present, the Taizy potato chips production lines have been exported and successfully installed and used in more than 50 countries, such as Egypt, the United States, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Brazil and so on. And large, medium and small potato chip production lines, such as 50kg / h-300kg / h, 500kg / h-2T have been put into production around the world.

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