How to Reduce the Oil Content of Fried Banana Chips?

fried banana chips made by commercial banana chips processing plant

Whether it is homemade at home or produced by a commercial banana chip processing plant, fried banana chips have a certain oil content. Eating fried banana chips with lower oil content will be easier for the body, so how can we reduce the oil content of fried banana chips?

Why control the oil content of fried banana chips?

Fried banana slices use fat as a heat exchange medium. During the frying process, the moisture in the banana slices evaporates rapidly as steam under relatively low-temperature conditions. This causes the banana slices to form a loose and porous structure. As the water evaporates, the banana slices become crispy. It also obtains a special morphology, color, and taste due to the physical and chemical changes in its tissues and ingredients during the frying process.

Green banana for processing fried banana chips
green banana for processing fried banana chips

With the improvement of people’s health awareness, many consumers are worried about fried foods, worrying that excessive consumption will have an impact on their health. The oil content of the product will also affect the taste, color, yield, and shelf life of the product. The high oil content of fried banana chips will not only increase production costs, but also cause poor taste and low sales.

Main factors for reducing the oil content of fried banana chips

1. Banana chips thickness

The different thickness of banana slices has different effects on the oil content. The thicker the thickness, the higher the oil content. We have found through experiments that fried banana slices with a thickness of 3-5mm have good brittleness, bright color, and low oil content.

Nutritious fried banana chips for human bodies
Nutritious Fried Banana Chips For Human Bodies

2. Deoiling speed

In the deoiling process of the fried banana chips processing line, the speed of the centrifugal deoiling machine also has a certain influence on the oil content of banana chips. Experiments show that the oil content of fried banana chips decreases with the increase of deoiling centrifuge speed. When the speed of the deoiling centrifuge reaches 400-500 r/min, the oil content of fried banana chips is low, and there is little breakage.

Workflow of the commercial fried banana chips processing plant

1.Choose semi-ripe bananas or plantains for peeling. Fully ripe bananas are not suitable for making fried banana slices, and the production process is easily broken and deformed.

2. Cut the peeled banana into thin slices about 3-5mm thick.

3. Soak banana slices in a sodium bisulfite solution with a concentration of 5-10% for 30-50 minutes. The purpose of this is to protect the original color of the banana.

Semi-automatic fried banana chips processing line
Semi-Automatic Fried Banana Chips Processing Line

4. After removing the water, the banana chips are placed in an automatic deep fryer for frying at a temperature of about 160 ° C for about 5 minutes. The banana slices before frying can also be dipped in sugar first. The fried banana slices produced in this way are brighter in color and taste better.

5. After frying, the banana chips need to be deoiled, which is very important. There are many types of deoiling equipment. The automatic de-oiling machine in the commercial fried banana chip processing plant is a centrifugal de-oiling machine, and the de-oiling efficiency is very high.

6. The final production link is seasoning and packaging. We can use an automatic seasoning machine to prepare a variety of banana chips, and then use the packaging machine to package into various forms for sale.

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