300kg/h Potato Chips Machine Sold to Turkey

The machine produces potato chips with high efficiency and high output.

A potato chips machine refers to a series of mechanical equipment used to produce potato chips, including raw material cleaning, peeling, slicing, dehydration, frying, degreasing, flavoring, and other processes. Today, we are pleased to share the case of Taizy’s potato chips machine put into production in Turkey. Let’s take a look at the details of this successful cooperation!

The potato chip production line is at work.
The potato chips machine is at work.

The Process of Choosing a Potato Chips Machine for the Turkish Customer

The Turkish customer is investing in business for the first time. He referred to the current social situation and decided to start in the food industry. He and his cousin both love potato chips and they thought of a joint venture to set up a potato chips production plant.

Their first investment dared not blindly, they ran all over Turkey’s large and small potato chip processing plants, asking them about the production and sales of potato chips, and what flavors of potato chips are more popular on the market. At the heart of the matter, the Turkish customer and his cousin constantly compared the potato chip production machines of various manufacturers on the Internet. Finally, they chose the potato chips machine of the Taizy factory.

Why Does the Turkish Customer Choose Taizy?

The customer finally made a production plan for himself according to the market research. Our manager analyzed his plan carefully and recommended a 300kg/h automatic potato chip production line according to the plan. To improve the market competitiveness of the customer’s potato chips, we recommend the customer buy a potato slicer and wrinkle slicer for alternate use to meet the taste of different potato chip demanders and expand sales.

Taizy’s potato chips production machine body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the customer is very satisfied. The strict production process and repeated quality checks on the machines were also important reasons for the customer to choose Taizy, which promised a one-year warranty on the machines after they were sold, but no feedback on the quality of the potato chip machines sold to the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, India, and other countries has been received from the customer. After learning the basics about Taizy, the Turkish customer decided to purchase the potato chip production line.

Positive Feedback from the Turkish Customer

This Turkish customer received the machine and put it into production immediately. Two months later, the customer called us to thank us. He said, “Your potato chip machine adopts advanced technology and produces crispy potato chips with rich flavor, which are loved by consumers. I am amazed by the current sales of potato chips, thanks so much to Taizy Machinery, I hope you produce more and better quality machines.”

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