Potato chips making machine for small business

potato chips making machine for small business

Complete potato chips making machines as well as the industrial potato chips production line, is a potato chip processing program that many small and medium-sized potato chip processors will choose. Especially, the small-scale potato chips plant is very suitable for the small potato chips making business with low costs and high profits.

Why is potato chips making machine for small business?

Not everyone can engage in the potato chip processing business. Why is this? The main reason is that the potato chip business requires a certain investment basis.

Customers with higher investment budgets generally choose potato chip making machine manufacturers with strong manufacturing capabilities, because they can not only provide high-quality potato chip processing equipment, but also help customers design feasible potato chip production plans.

Taizy potato chips and fries machine factory
Taizy potato chips and fries machine factory

Customers with lower investment budgets will generally consider purchasing a small potato chip processing plant for the early potato chip business experiment. After gaining profits, they choose to expand the scale of potato chips production. Therefore, small potato chips making machine is suitable for small chips business.

Specifications of potato chips making machine for small business

There are many equipment specifications for the small potato chip production line, which are usually customized according to specific customer needs. Common small potato chip production lines are semi-automatic, and the output is generally 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h and 300kg/h.

Potato chips processing machines of taizy
Potato Chips Processing Machines Of Taizy

The characteristic of the potato chips making machine for small business is that the production process requires the participation of several workers, the processing time and processing location are relatively flexible, and the production efficiency is high.

Potato chips making process in small-scale potato chips processing plant

1. Potato or sweet potato washing and peeling.

2. To cut the clean potatoes into thin chips.

3. Slightly blanch the cut potato slices to remove it’s surface starch.

4. Vibrate to remove water droplets on the surface of potato chips

5. Potato chips are fried at about 180℃.

6. Lightly deoil and mix with seasonings.

7. Pack potato chips into bags.

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