300kg/h Potato Chips Processing Line Sold To France

potato chips processing line sold to French

Recently, a French potato chips factory ordered our 300kg/h potato chips processing line. Now the machine has been put into stable use, bringing efficient potato chip output and huge profits.

Potato chips can be made
potato chips can be made

Customer profile and needs

We were fortunate to provide a solution for a potato chip factory in France. The client runs a food production company in France, focusing on the production of various snacks, including potato chips. They have extremely high requirements for product quality and production efficiency and hope to improve production capacity and product quality by introducing advanced potato chips processing lines.

Build a potato chips factory
build a potato chips factory

Fully automatic potato chips processing line solution

Taizy Machinery provides a fully automatic potato chips processing line solution, including potato washing, potato slicing, draining, frying and blanching potato chips, oil removal, potato chip seasoning, and potato chip packaging.

The advantage of this production line is that it produces high-quality potato chips with high efficiency and full automation, reducing manual intervention. Each process is carefully designed to ensure high-quality output and processing.

Potato washing and peeling machine
potato washing and peeling machine

Raw material processing link: advanced potato cleaning and slicing machines ensure the quality and consistency of raw materials, providing a reliable foundation for subsequent processes.

Frying process: using advanced frying equipment, the temperature and time can be precisely controlled to make the potato chips fried evenly, golden, and crispy.

Seasoning and packaging links: automated seasoning and packaging equipment can personalize potato chips according to customer needs to maintain the freshness and taste of the product.

Frying machine
frying machine

Positive production results

By introducing potato chips production line solutions from Taizy Machinery, the client achieved significant business results.

The new potato chips production line has greatly improved the customer’s production capacity and production efficiency. The quality of the customer’s potato chips is stable and reliable and has established a good brand reputation in the market.

Seasoning machine
seasoning machine

Welcome to inquire for more details

Are you interested in starting a potato chip or fries processing factory? Do you want to start a food processing business? we provide excellent food processing solutions, please contact us in time. we provide 24-hour non-stop consulting services, and we are happy to provide you with the most professional services.

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