Precautions for Using the French Fry Fryer Machine

french fries frying with a deep fryer

Commercial frying machines are very practical in the fries processing industry. Especially the continuous fryer is already the must-have equipment for large-scale french fries plant. When using a French fry fryer machine, understanding the precise usage and precautions can make the processing of French fries more efficient.

Which kind of fryer machine can be used for frying french fries?

There are three main types of frying machines commonly used in industrial production of french fries: frame type deep fryer, automatic discharging fryer, and continuous fryer. All three types of french fries can use electric heating and gas heating.

Various potato chips and fries frying machines of taizy
Various Potato Chips And Fries Frying Machines Of Taizy

Frame type deep fryer is commonly used in small French fries processing lines. During the frying process, it is necessary to manually control the input and output of materials. The automatic discharging fryer has high production efficiency and can realize automatic discharging. It is often used in a medium-sized fries line. Continuous fryer, with high production efficiency, is often used in large-scale French fries production line.

Precautions for Using the French Fry Fryer Machine

The operation sequence of french fry fryer machine (continuous fryer)

  1. Cleaning: Clean the hard objects and residues in the inner compartment and pipeline of the fryer.
  2. Trial operation: Turn on the slag scraping belt, upper and lower mesh belts, lifting frame, exhaust fan and circulating pump in sequence, and observe whether the equipment is running in a normal direction and whether there are any stuck phenomenon and liquid leakage.
  3. Add oil: before adding oil, the water, and hard residues in the fryer and the pipeline should be completely cleaned. Add oil to the position of 30-50mm above the lower belt of the machine (add edible oil according to the actual situation of the fried product).
  4. Heating: Make sure the oil level reaches the lower mesh belt of the machine before heating.
  5. Operation: Use the heating control system to set various parameters of the fryer. Set the frying temperature as needed. When the temperature of the machine oil reaches the set temperature, it can be fried.
  6. Turn on the exhaust fan, slag scraper belt, upper and lower mesh belt, and circulation pump in turn.
Various french fries with good tastes
Various French Fries With Good Tastes

Daily maintenance of french fry fryer machine

  1. After using the french fries frying machine for one week, tighten the bolts.
  2. When cleaning the fryer, strong acid and strong alkaline detergents cannot be used to clean the equipment.
  3. Spraying with a water gun is prohibited at the electric control box and heating pipe.
  4. Clean the fryer every two weeks. Cleaning method: add water, edible alkali or detergent, and heat to about 50 ℃. Then turn on the mesh belt to run, cook for about 60 minutes, and use a soft brush to clean the mesh belt, the mesh belt bracket, and the oily impurities on the surface of the pot body.
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