Thailand fried banana chips business is booming

Thailand banana chips business

The banana chips business is developing rapidly in many parts of Thailand. The banana chip processing business usually refers to the processing of unripe green bananas by peeling, slicing, frying, seasoning, and packaging to make crispy banana chip snacks. Why is the banana chip business booming in Thailand?

What are the advantages of the Thailand banana chip business?

Banana chips were once considered one of the traditional snacks in the Thai snack market. Therefore, the fried banana chip business in Thailand has a long history of development. The advantages of processing banana chips in Thailand are as follows: sufficient raw materials and cheap workers.

Nutritious fried banana chips
nutritious fried banana chips

Plenty of green bananas

Thailand is located in a tropical region, with abundant precipitation and sufficient heat throughout the year, which is very suitable for growing bananas.

Therefore, the annual output of bananas is large and the export volume is also large. So, for banana chip processors, green bananas for processing banana chips are abundant and the price is very cheap.

Cheap workers

The banana chip business is usually inseparable from the participation of workers. Moreover, a small and medium-sized complete banana chip processing plant usually requires 5-6 workers.

As a developing country, Thailand has low labor prices. Therefore, the cost of workers to develop a banana chip business in Thailand is lower. This is also an important reason why many investors choose small banana chip processing projects in Thailand.

What is driving the rapid development of Thailand banana chip business?

Industrial banana chips processing plant for sale
industrial banana chips processing plant for sale

With the development of economic globalization, many Thai farmers and investors have gradually begun to produce fried crispy banana chips through imported banana chip processing equipment. For example, green banana peeling machine, banana slicer, large banana slice frying machine, banana slice continuous packaging machine, etc.

These banana chip processing equipment has largely replaced a large amount of labor and improved the production efficiency of banana chips. Therefore, it has also promoted the rapid development of Thailand’s banana chip business.

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