Turkey Potato Chips Line Has Been Shipped

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Turkey is also a country that likes to eat potato chips, especially Turkish potato chips of various barbecue flavors are welcomed by the market. Therefore, there is a market for potato chips production with the processing machines. Recently, we shipped a whole potato chips line to Turkey.

How is the potato planting in Turkey?

Potatoes are suitable for production in a cool climate, a large temperature difference between day and night, and a deep growing environment of cultivated soil. The Turkish coastal area has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, and the inland plateau is relatively arid, transitioning to tropical grassland and desert climate.

The temperature difference in many parts of Turkey is large, so it is suitable for planting potatoes. Especially in Istanbul, Bursa, Edirne and Marmara, the climate is moderate. The surrounding low-altitude mountains and the countryside and farmland around the forest are densely covered with farmland and orchards, mainly producing potatoes and other food crops.

At present, Turkey’s potato production is huge, and it is already the top 20 potato producers in the world. Therefore, its potato deep-processing industry has gradually developed, and some investors have begun to establish potato chip processing plants to produce delicious potato chips with greater market demand.

Taizy factory for manufacturing of chips and fries machines
Taizy Factory For Manufacturing Of Chips And Fries Machines

How is the Turkey potato chips line is ordered?

The Turkish customer is very optimistic about the local potato chips market and has been considering investing in potato chip processing equipment, but there are not many domestic potato processing equipment manufacturers. Therefore, the customer decided to import the potato chips making machines.

The client ’s Chinese friend helped him find three potato chip machinery manufacturers, including our Taizy machinery. The Turkish client took the initiative to contact our sales manager and consulted many details about the potato chip production line, such as small factories How much production line do you usually choose? Can the heating method of the fryer machine be gas-fired? How many workers are needed for a semi-automatic potato chips production line?

We provided the Turkish customer with a lot of pictures of our factory and working videos of the machine, and the customer was very satisfied with it. However, in order to ensure product quality, the client commissioned his Chinese friend to visit our factory, and his friend also shot him a feedback video.

After further negotiation of the details of the production line, the Turkey customer finally decided to order a semi-automatic production line of potato chips from our factory with an output of 150 kg per hour.

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