Which Potato Varieties Are Suitable for Making Potato Chips?

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Each potato tube has its own characteristics and is suitable for processing into different products. Therefore, not all potatoes are suitable for processing potato chips. So, what kind of potatoes are suitable for processing potato chips? The Taizy potato chip machine manufacturer has done corresponding research and will share it for everyone here.

Standards for potatoes suitable for making potato chips

• High dry matter content (21-25%)

• Low reducing sugar content (<0.3-3.5%)

• Low or no geranium content

• Round

• Smooth surface, shallow potholes

• Alluring colors, such as white, cream, yellow

• Not easily scratched

• Seasonal availability: early harvest period, or suitable for long-term storage

Potatoes for processing delicious potato chips
potatoes for processing delicious potato chips

How did we reach this norm of potatoes suitable for making chips?

Potatoes originated in Latin America and reached all parts of the world as humans migrated, and various species have been derived in certain areas. In fact, each potato has its own characteristics and is suitable for processing into different foods.

Taizy interviewed Arnaud Jansse, an application engineer at Florigo, and asked him which potato varieties are best for making potato chips. Jansse said that under normal circumstances if it can bring benefits, potato chip producers have a higher degree of openness and acceptance of new varieties.

Industrial processing in potato plants with machines
industrial processing in potato plants with machines

For example, higher output, the better quality of potato chips, etc. There are various types of potatoes, some are more suitable for storage, some have higher dry matter content, and some have lower reducing sugar content.

How does the large potato chips production plants to select good potato types?

Large potato chip manufacturers often have their own R & D plans, ranging from raw materials (potatoes) to the seasoning and packaging of final products. Generally, the process of discovering new varieties begins with potato chip producers’ research on new varieties and the growers seeking these new varieties.

Whole set of potato chip making machines
whole set of potato chip making machines

Initially, it started from a small test field, and the next time, the producer guided his growers or suppliers to plant new varieties. When potatoes are harvested, small batches of potatoes are tested in laboratories, pilot plants, or major factories. Usually testing means “fried”. Test criteria include color of potato chips, yield based on dry matter content, oil absorption and appearance.

All in all, potato chip manufacturers are looking for the most suitable potato variety at a reasonable cost. However, in practical applications, the selection criteria may vary depending on the growth of certain potato varieties, that is, potato performance. Then, choose based on availability and buy the best potato type they can buy locally.

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