Why is potato chip packaging filled with nitrogen?

potato chip packaging

Potato chips are very crispy and fragile. If you want to sell them and transport them, the packaging must be able to fully protect the potato chips. The packaging of potato chips is always full of gas, so what is this gas?

What is the air in the potato chips packaging?

Potato chips packaging
Potato Chips Packaging

The air in the potato chip packaging is nitrogen. The nitrogen in the potato chip packaging can play two roles. First, it can protect the potato chips and prevent the potato chips from becoming broken during transportation. The chips play a bactericidal effect, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and prolong the shelf life of potato chips.

The potato chip packaging asks why air is not suitable for it

Air is easier to oxidize with potato chips, and the air itself may also contain more bacteria. Therefore, it is generally not used for packaging directly with air, but rather stable nitrogen.

Types of potato chips packaging

There are two common types of potato chips packaging, one is bag packaging, the bag will be flushed with nitrogen, and the other is barreled potato chips. However, the cost of tube-shaped potato chips is relatively high, so most producers still choose bagged potato chips for packaging.

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