Can French fries be stored in the refrigerator?

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French fries are a deep-fried snack, generally eaten hot after being fried. Because the French fries will become soft and lose their crispy taste after a long time. So, can French fries be stored in the refrigerator? Should French fries be frozen or refrigerated during storage?

Classification of French fries

1.French fries

French fries refer to foods that are directly fried in a deep fryer and are generally eaten after one deep frying (or twice).

Re-fried frozen fries for eating
Re-Fried Frozen Fries For Eating

2. Frozen French fries

Frozen French fries are generally not edible directly, they need to be fried before eating. Frozen French fries also need to be deep-fried during processing, but the frying time is shorter and the temperature is lower, so they are not directly fried.

Shop use frozen fries made by french fry processing lines
Shop Use Frozen Fries Made By French Fry Processing Lines

Can French fries be stored in the refrigerator?

Usually, raw French fries and frozen French fries can be put in the freezer for quick freezing. Raw French fries, that is, potato fries are not placed directly in the freezer after being cut, but should be cooked for 3-5 minutes after being cut.

Cook the fries first, let them dry for a while, then put them in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator to freeze. When it’s time to eat, just fry it again.

Whole set of french fries machines
Whole Set Of French Fries Machines

But it is best not to store French fries in the refrigerator. This is because fresh French fries will become soft and moist when placed in the refrigerator and lose their crispy texture. Fresh French fries are best eaten at once.

How to save French fries if you can’t finish it?

When making French fries at home, it is best to eat them within a day. Because it is fried food, it is easy to get damp when exposed to the air and lose its crispness.

However, if the French fries are made by a French fries processing machine and cannot be eaten or sold in a short period of time, the French fries can be sealed and stored in the refrigerator to extend the storage time.

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