200kg/h French Fries Maker Sold to Uganda

French fries from our machine

Taizy Machine Factory shipped a french fries maker to Uganda in May of this year. Let us introduce the details of this cooperation.

French fries
French fries

What Are the Needs of the Ugandan Customer?

The Ugandan customer is the manager of a supermarket that carries a lot of its bulk snacks. In the past, bulk chips were purchased from artisanal workshops. Now, with the high demand for fries, the artisanal workshop is no longer able to meet the supply. The Ugandan customer decided to buy a French fries production line based on his budget.

What Problems Were Solved for the Customer?

The Ugandan customer took out a record sheet of the sales of French fries in their supermarket in recent months, and we recommended a semi-automatic french fries maker with an output of 200kg/h according to the budget of their supermarket. Except for the need for manual labor, while processing French fries, there is not much difference between the semi-automatic French fries production line and the fully-automatic French fries production line.

And the semi-automatic production line is more cost-saving. The Ugandan customer wanted his French fries to be more attractive to customers, our manager recommended the latest Taizy vacuum packaging machine to him, and the Ugandan customer was delighted and chose to buy the whole semi-automatic production line at once.

Positive Feedback from the Customer in Uganda

Four months after the semi-automatic French fries production line was put into production, the Ugandan customer sent us a letter of thanks, in which he showed us their product pictures and the supermarket French fries business is even hotter, the customer reacted to this French fries after frying the taste is great, and the price is moderate, they are very happy to buy. Ugandan customers said that they look forward to more cooperation with the Taizy factory later, and will also recommend the Taizy machinery factory to more friends.

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