Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line Sold to Netherlands

continuous frying machine

The Dutch customer expressed his gratitude to us for the French fries production line that allowed him to get more partners. Let’s learn more about this pleasant cooperation.

Improve the Economic Efficiency of Potatoes

The Dutch customer is the manager of a local agricultural cooperative. Every year, the cooperative has a large amount of potatoes for export, and potatoes occupy a significant market share. Their cooperative wanted to improve the economic efficiency of potatoes and wanted to process potatoes into frozen French fries for export, to obtain more income. They need to purchase an efficient and practical French fries production line.

What Problems Have Been Solved for the Dutch Customer?

The Dutch customer shared with us their potato export situation in the past ten years, and the customer said that to save time and labor, they need a fully automatic production line. Our manager made a rough estimate of how much capacity they needed for their French fries line and recommended a 1000kg/h line.

To adapt to the flexibility of the market, our manager suggested the Dutch customer use different potato knives to cut different shapes of potato fries to meet the diversified needs of the market. At the same time, our factory sent two technicians to the local factory in Holland to guide the cooperative workers to operate the potato fries production machine. The workers of the Dutch customer quickly mastered the operation procedure and started the production process in the afternoon of the same day.

Positive Feedback from the Dutch Customer

The Dutch customer sent a letter of thanks. He said: “Thanks to the good products and good service provided by Taizy Machinery Factory, our French fries are now sold to many places and my French fries partners are increasing. Customers are satisfied with the taste and appearance of the fries, and we are very happy that more and more farmers are choosing to cooperate with us as we have increased the purchase price of potatoes. I am sending a letter of thanks and look forward to more cooperation in the future.”

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