Investment Analysis of American Potato Chip Plant

large plants for processing potato chips

Crisp potato chips are a very common casual snack on the American market. With the growing demand for potato chips in the United States, some large and medium-sized potato chip processing factories have been established in the United States. So can American potato chip plants make money? What about return on investment? Let’s analyze it together.

What is needed to build an American potato chip plant?

1. Sufficient raw material supply

Many parts of the United States are large-scale potato farms that can supply large quantities of fresh potatoes. Therefore, it is best to build a potato chip plant in the United States closer to the place where the potato is produced to save transportation costs.

Commercial potato chips processing with taizy machines
commercial potato chips processing with Taizy machines

2. Efficient potato chip processing equipment

To establish a potato chip factory, especially a large-capacity potato chip processing plant, you must choose a reliable potato chip machinery manufacturer or supplier. The complete potato chips production line mainly includes cleaning, peeling, blanching, dehydration, frying, degreasing, seasoning, and packaging.

3. Stable market demand

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of potato chips. Its potato chips market demand is huge every year. Its potato chips are mainly sold in bags of ready-to-eat potato chips, which are generally supplied in various snack shops and supermarkets.

Main factors for investing an American potato chip plant

1. Market analysis. American potato chips rank first among snack foods among consumers. And American potato chips often occupy 80% of the shelves in its puffed food area. Therefore, the potato chips industry occupies a pivotal position in American snack foods.

Semi-automatic potato chips production line of taizy machinery
Semi-Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Of Taizy Machinery

2.Assortment of American potato chips. Its potato chip products are mainly divided into non-fried potato chips and fried potato chips. Secondly, the fried potato chips are mainly divided into sliced ​​potato chips and composite potato chips. Non-fried potato chips are mainly divided into two types: baked traditional potato chips and biscuit-type composite potato chips.

3.The choice of potato chip processing machine. China’s machinery manufacturing capabilities continue to improve, and a large number of high-quality and affordable equipment are imported into the United States. Whether it is a small-scale or large-scale establishment of an American potato chip plant, machine quality is the most important.

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