Market Prospects for Lebanon Potato Chips Processing

potato chips processing in Lebanon

Developing production according to local conditions is a very effective way to develop the economy. In Lebanon, making full use of local potato resources to produce delicious potato chips is a good investment. So, how is the market prospect of potato chips processing in Lebanon?

Potato cultivation in Lebanon

Although Lebanon has a small territory, its agricultural development is relatively good. Lebanon is located in a temperate continental climate zone with large temperature differences. Especially in summer, the water and heat are sufficient, suitable for the growth of crops, and very suitable for the growth of various crops.

The main crops in Lebanon include cereals, potatoes, beans and feed crops. Among them, the output value of potatoes is the highest, and continues to grow. In 2015, Lebanon ’s potato production value reached US $ 165 million. The increase in crop output has benefited from the increase in arable land. The cultivated area of ​​Lebanon has increased by 40% over the past four years, reaching 15,000 hectares.

Mass production of potato chips
Mass Production Of Potato Chips

Potato utilization in Lebanon

The main consumption patterns of Lebanese potatoes are divided into three types: daily consumption, potato deep processing and potato export. Among them, the total amount of potatoes used for daily residents’ consumption accounts for about 20% of Lebanon’s total potato production.

The export volume of Lebanese potatoes is relatively large, and the exporting countries are mainly some European countries. According to statistics, Lebanon exports more than 50,000 tons of potatoes to Europe each year.

In the deep processing of potatoes, Lebanon mainly produces potato chips and french fries. At present, the largest producer of potato chips in Lebanon is Daher Foods, and the largest producer of french fries is the Malco Group.

Whole set of potato chip making machines
Whole Set Of Potato Chip Making Machines

What are the prospects for developing potato chip production in Lebanon?

Developing the potato chip processing industry in Lebanon, especially investing in small potato chip processing plants, has great market prospects. why? There are three main advantages of Lebanese potato chips processing: 1. Rich raw materials. 2. The potato chips market is large. 3. Low labor cost.

The equipment required to invest in a small potato chip processing plant in Lebanon is mainly a semi-automatic potato chip processing line. The output of this potato chip line is between 50kg / h and 500kg / h, and customers can choose according to their production needs.

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