How can I make more money on plantain chips business?

plantain chips business with plantain chips making machine

With the popularity of healthy eating, plantain chips and banana chips have become popular snacks on the market. Investors close to banana and plantain production areas have started to invest in plantain chips business. But how do we run a plantain chips plant to make more money?

Are banana chips the same as plantain chips?

Although bananas and plantains belong to the Musaceae family Musa, their appearance and taste are quite different, but they can both be used to make delicious banana chips and plantain chips.

Popular banana & plantain chips
popular banana & plantain chips

Usually bananas are bigger than plantains in appearance, yellower in color, and sweeter in taste. The plantain is relatively short. However, banana chips and plantain chips have similar nutritional value and taste, so they are very popular in the market.

How to strat the plantain chip business for making money?

Starting a plantain chip business not only requires sufficient plantain raw materials and workers, but also a complete plantain chip production line.

1.Sufficient supply of plantains

Whether setting up a large plantain chip processing plant or a small plantain chip plant, we must first ensure that there is an adequate supply of banana chips. We can build the factory closer to the production area of ​​plantain to save transportation costs.

Fully-automatic fried banana chips line
Fully-Automatic Fried Banana Chips Line

2.Cheap worker

Starting the plantain chip business will definitely require a certain number of workers. If the price of workers is cheap, the cost of processing plantain chips will be greatly reduced. If the price of workers is high, we can consider adopting a fully automatic banana chip production line to reduce the use of workers.

3. A full set of plantain chip production line

Modern food processing companies use food processing machinery for mass production of food, and the business of plantain chips processing is the same.

Plantain chips made from plantain chips plant
plantain chips made from plantain chips plant

The full set of plantain chip production line mainly includes plantain peeling machine, plantain slicer, plantain frying machine and deoiling machine, plantain chip seasoning machine and packaging machine.

Moreover, the production scale of the banana chip production line is generally customizable, and we can choose according to our actual production needs.

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