Potato chips machine price in Pakistan

potato chips machine

Our company has potato chips machine and French fries production machines. In December of this year, we just exported a 200kg/h fully automatic potato chip production line to Pakistan. After the customer received it, the machine was able to operate normally and was very satisfied.

Potato chips
Potato Chips

What machines are in the potato chips production line

The machines that produce potato chips mainly include potato washing machines, potato peeling machines, potato slicers, frying machines, potato chip seasoning machines, packaging machines and other machines. The production process of potato chips is simply summarized as raw material processing (potato cleaning, slicing), potato chips frying, potato chips seasoning, and finally packaging

Potato chips machine 1
Potato Chips Machine

The price of potato chips machine

Potato chip production machines are divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic production machines. Machines with the same output have different degrees of automation, and the price of potato chip machines will be different. Fully automatic potato chip machines are more expensive than semi-automatic machines. In addition, potato chip production machines have different output. The minimum output is 50kg/h, and the maximum machine output can reach 1t/h. If you are interested in our machine, please contact us and send you the details of the machine

Why Pakistani customers buy our potato chips machine

We formally signed a contract with a Pakistani customer and delivered the machine to the customer safely. The potato chips machine customers talked with several other companies when they bought the machine. In the end, the Pakistani customer chose us, first of all, because our machine can meet the customer’s requirements, and the potato chip production machine is relatively complete and there are more types. In addition, because we are more patient when communicating with customers, we can help customers solve problems.

Potato chips machine
Potato Chips Machine

How to get in touch with us

The Pakistani potato chip production line saw our youtub video, and then found the contact information at the bottom of the video to get in touch with us. If you see an article on our website, you can also get in touch through the website’s contact information.

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