How to select suitable vacuum fryer equipment?

vacuum fryer machines for crisp food

Vacuum fryer is a new type of food processing equipment. It is more and more widely used, not only in the catering industry but also in our families. The vacuum fryer plays a very important role in making fried vegetables and fried fruit slices. So, how do we choose a suitable vacuum frying equipment?

What are the basic requirements for the selection of vacuum fryer equipment? The selection of equipment for vacuum fryer is the basic knowledge we need to master. Next, we will share with you the basic requirements of vacuum fryer equipment selection.

What are the basic elements of choosing a vacuum fryer?

Selection factors of vacuum fryer: 1. Extensive market research and information collection. 2. Investigate and select manufacturers of vacuum fryer. 3. Multi-channel and multi-channel collection of relevant vacuum fryer data. 4. Investigate and interview the users of vacuum fryer. 5. Understand the design concept and specific usage of the vacuum fryer, and focus on grasping the evaluation of the vacuum fryer by different users.

Fried vegetables made by vecuum fryer
fried vegetables made by vecuum fryer

Main applications of the vacuum fryer equipment

A fully automatic vacuum frying machine is mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises. It is characterized by continuous production, energy saving, labor-saving, and more uniform product quality.

Vacuum fryer can use electricity, heat conduction oil, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas and external circulation heating in energy. Products suitable for vacuum frying equipment are: fava beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; puffed foods such as rice crackers and potato chips; dough products such as donuts and twists; meat products such as meat pieces and chicken legs.

After collecting enough vacuum fryer data and user access, the customer can propose the details of the vacuum fryer selection to the supplier. The specific content mainly includes the name, specification and model, production capacity, supporting power, and price of the vacuum fryer.

And further negotiate with manufacturers about the supply method of vacuum fryer, including the manufacturing cycle, payment method, packaging, and transportation method of vacuum fryer.

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