Why does the French fries production line need a blanching process?

savory French fries

What is blanching potatoes?

In the process of frying French fries, blanching is an important step. It is to heat the potatoes in boiling water or steam for a while. people usually use French fries blanching machines to rinse potatoes,thus saving the cost of labor and time.

漂烫机 副本
French fries blanching machine

How long does blanching take?

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Homemade French fries

Although it looks easy to handle, there are special requirements for scalding time. If blanching deeply, it actually stimulates the activity of enzymes present in the potato, which leads to a loss of flavor, color, and texture. The effect of less blanching is worse than that in no blanching. However, If the potato is over blanched, the quality of the potato will be reduced. It will affect flavor, color, vitamins, and minerals, and increase production costs.

What are the benefits of blanching potatoes?

People use potatoes to make different products, but before making these products, potatoes usually need to go through a blanching process. Blanching potatoes helps to remove the skin, maintain freshness, protect the color and preserve the potatoes. For making French fries, the benefits are as follows:

  1. Blanching can help clean the surface of the potatoes. It also kills bacteria, mold and other organisms present on the surface of the potatoes.
  2. Blanching potatoes can stop the action of enzymes. As the vegetables ripen, the enzymes will continue to work until they make it feasible for the vegetables to develop seeds to multiply. Hot blanching can kill the enzymes, thus preserving the flavor, color and texture of the potatoes. It can also extend the storage life of potatoes. After blanching , potatoes can not turn black even when exposed to oxygen.
  3. Blanching can make starch mushy. In the frying process, scalded potatoes will quickly form a layer of gelatinized starch on the surface, which limits the absorption of fat and improves the texture.
  4. Hot blanching can reduce the content of acrylamide in French fries. It can also extract reducing sugar and amino acid asparagine in potatoes, and reduce the content of acrylamide in French fries. After deep-frying, the potatoes can form an even color.

In summary, we can conclude that blanching is necessary and very important in the processing of frying French fries. Shuliy blanching machine is used for potato bleaching of french fries. This machine has a long service life, a hygienic working environment, and easy operation.

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