How Can Potatoes Be Preserved for Making Delicious Potato Chips?

potato chips making with Taizy machinery

Before using the potato chip making machine to produce potato chips, a large amount of potato raw materials needs to be stored. For potatoes that cannot be processed immediately, how can they be well preserved to produce delicious potato chips? The potato chip maker manufacturer offers you some useful suggestions here.

The importance of well-preserving of potatoes

Potatoes are the main food crop in many countries around the world. Many large farms will choose to ship potatoes to their buyers(such as potato chip processing plants) as soon as they are ripe. For potatoes that cannot be sold in time, they generally have their own unique methods to keep them fresh.

The traditional method of storing potatoes is mainly the method of cellar storage, which has a long shelf life. However, after storage for a period of time, the potatoes are easy to germinate, and the environment in the cellar is relatively humid, which is easy to cause the potatoes to spoil and deteriorate.

Potatoes for processing delicious potato chips
potatoes for processing delicious potato chips

With the development of science and technology, some places have specially established cold storage to use the low-temperature environment to preserve potatoes, which can ensure long-term storage of potatoes and not easy to deteriorate.

Well-preserved potatoes have high freshness, excellent texture, and crisp taste. After being processed by potato chip making machine, such potatoes chips are crisp in taste and bright in color, which is very popular in the market.

Precautions for keeping potatoes fresh

1. The most suitable temperature range for potatoes is from 2 ° C to 3 ° C, with a maximum of 5 ° C and a minimum of 1 ° C. Potato storage temperature will easily germinate if it exceeds 5 ℃, and it will be damaged by freezing damage if it is below 1 ℃. Therefore, the best way to store potatoes is to maintain the stability of the internal temperature of the environment.

Mass production of potato chips
mass production of potato chips

2. Before storing potatoes, you can strictly select the stored potatoes, and choose some good quality, large size, no wounds, no sprouts. It should also be noted that the freshly harvested potatoes should not be exposed to the sun, because the potatoes after exposure are easily poisoned.

3. Potato storage should pay attention to the timely harvest of potatoes, can not be picked too early or too late. Generally speaking, the potatoes harvested in time are stored for about 200 days, so that the potatoes can be sold in season. In addition, the potatoes should be well ventilated during the storage process, and keep the potato storage distance. The method of storing and packing potatoes can be stored in sacks or in boxes.

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