How to make banana chips at home?

homemade banana chips

Banana chips are mainly divided into high-temperature baked banana chips and fried banana chips. We can use commercial fried banana chips production lines to produce nutritious banana chips on a large scale. In addition, we can also make delicious banana chips at home. So, how to make banana chips at home?

What tools to use for homemade banana chips?

Banana chips are a common snack in supermarkets. It has an attractive golden yellow color, a crisp and sweet taste, which makes people unable to stop. The production of banana chips in large quantities in the factory requires the use of fried banana chip production lines.

Nutritious fried banana chips
nutritious fried banana chips

Making banana chips at home is also very simple. You can make delicious banana slices using an oven, wok, pan, or electric baking pan, etc.

Ingredients for making banana chips

Ingredients: 2 raw bananas, 10g sugar

Accessories: a small amount of butter

Note: The raw material is better to choose fresh green bananas.

First, green bananas are harder and easier to cut into thin slices, and the final banana slices are crispier

Second, green bananas are more resistant to baking and frying and are not prone to black or soft rotten conditions.

Green banana for processing fried banana chips
green banana for processing fried banana chips

Steps for making homemade banana chips

1. Cut two hard, underripe green bananas into thin slices.

2. Spread the banana and spread a layer of fine granulated sugar on the surface. Fine granulated sugar helps the finished product to be crispier.

3. Put a small amount of butter in a pan or electric baking pan to prevent sticking, and then put banana slices. Bake slowly with minimum heat, turning over the sides until the banana slices turn brown on both sides (it takes about 15 minutes).

Note: The pan and electric baking pan are much more powerful than the oven. You must use the smallest gear to make crispy banana slices.

In order to prevent the banana chips from burning, intermittent heating can be used. That is, turn off the power of the electric baking pan. After baking for a while with the remaining temperature, turn on the fire and continue heating.

4. Banana slices should be dissipated in time after being out of the pot, and can be eaten after they are completely cooled. At this time, the banana slices are the most crispy. Banana slices that can’t be eaten can be sealed in a fresh-keeping box.

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