What Are the Categories of Potato Chips On the Market?

various types of potato chips of the market

You may be familiar with potato chip brands on the market, such as Lay ’s (Walkers, Chipsy, Poca, Tapuchips) and Pringles. But do you really understand potato chips? What are the common types of potato chips on the market? Potato chips are processed differently, so they have different types, such as the sliced type ​​fried potato chips, potato flour type fried potato chips, non-fried potato chips, and high-temperature dehydrated potato chips.

Why make different types of potato chips?

Why are there different types of potato chips on the market? When there is demand, there will be a market! Just as potato chips have many different flavors, different types of potato chips can meet the needs of different users to a large extent. And all these types of potato chips can be made by commercial potato chips processing plants.

Large potato chips plants of our customer
large potato chips plants of our customer

In addition, with our continued exploration of a healthy life, the development of food culture is getting faster and faster. Therefore, the production and processing of potato chips are also becoming richer. Therefore, we can not only choose potato chips with different flavors but also select type potato chips and non-fried potato chips as needed.

Four types of potato chips common in the market

1. Sliced type ​​fried potato chips

This type of potato chips is the most common and best-selling potato chip product on the market. Because its production process is very mature and has the best taste, many large, medium and small potato chip processing plants choose to make the sliced ​​type fried potato chips. Taizy fully automatic potato chips production line mainly produces this kind of potato chips.

Sliced potato chips
Sliced Potato Chips

The sliced ​​type fried potato chips are made from potatoes, which are processed by washing, peeling, slicing, frying, and seasoning. This kind of potato chip has the characteristics of deep processing of potatoes from agricultural and sideline products and has a crisp taste and a strong potato flavor. Sliced ​​potato chips not only lead to the current trend of leisure food but also promote a new channel for the processing of agricultural products.

Potato chips processing machines are in stock of taizy factory
potato chips processing machines are in stock of Taizy factory

2. Compound fried potato chips

The compound fried potato chips also named potato flour type fried potato chips, which is processed differently from the sliced potato chips. This potato chip is a potato-style snack food produced by potato flour and other powders as raw materials and produced through powder, tableting, molding, frying, seasoning and other processes.

Compound potato chips
Compound Potato Chips

The compound potato chips can be pressed into various shapes such as tiles and triangles during the molding process. And the most important raw material in its processing technology is potato flour. After being fried, the potato chips have the characteristics of being crisp and loose.

3. Non-fried potato chips (baked potato chips)

Non-fried potato chips (baked potato chips) is a potato chip product that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This kind of baked potato chips are potato flour as the main raw material (or adding other starch), loose and crisp potato chips produced by powder, tableting, molding, baking, seasoning and other processes.

Baked potato chips
baked potato chips

This potato chip has a certain difference from the frying process because of the baking process. However, it is still necessary to spray more vegetable oil in the seasoning process to facilitate the adhesion of seasoning. Therefore, the fat content of the baked potato chips is not less than that of fried potato chips.

4. High-temperature dehydrated chips

This kind of chips is made with sweet potatoes as the main raw material and adopts high-tech food technology. These chips maintain the original color of fruits and vegetables and have a unique flavor. It contains vitamins, minerals, and cellulose. It has the characteristics of low fat and low calorie.

High-temperature dehydrated chips
High-Temperature Dehydrated Chips
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