The difference between banana chips and dried bananas

banana chips

Banana is a relatively common fruit in life. It has a soft taste and a sweet taste. In addition, bananas are also rich in nutrients, which are good for the human body. In addition to being eaten directly, fresh bananas can also be made into a variety of delicacies, such as banana chips, banana-flavored snacks, etc. Remove as fruit, banana chips can also be used to make various banana snacks. Such as sliced ​​bananas and dried bananas. Some people think it’s the same. In fact, there are some differences between the two.

Are banana chips the same as dried bananas?

Banana slices and dried bananas are actually not the same things. Banana slices generally refer to fried banana slices. Fried banana slices have various flavors and are made through post-seasoning. Dried bananas are directly dried and dehydrated. Banana slices can be dried or fried, there is not much difference in taste. When making plantain chips, the main principle is to remove the moisture in the bananas. Whether it is high-temperature drying or direct frying, it can play this role, but the oil content of frying will be larger and more greasy.

How to make banana chips?

Fried banana chips
Fried Banana Chips

Fried banana slices are mainly made by peeling and slicing bananas, frying them, and seasoning them after frying. Choose different condiments here to make plantain chips with different flavors, such as sweet banana chips, savory banana chips, and spicy banana chips. Compared with dried bananas, the process of fried banana chips has higher production efficiency and is more suitable for industrial production. We have a complete banana chip production line. Can include machines for peeling, slicing, frying, and packing bananas.

Banana chip production line
Banana Chip Production Line

How to make dried bananas?

Dried banana
Dried Banana

The production method of dried bananas is generally peeled and sliced and then dried. Drying is generally processed by using a dryer. Generally, it takes a long time to dry. If the banana maintains a crispy taste, it must be used at a low temperature for a long time. bake. Dry with hot air at 65~70℃ for 18~20 hours, so that the water content of the finished product reaches 16~17%.Whether it is fried banana slices or roasted dried bananas, a packaging machine with good airtightness must be used, and a vacuum packaging machine is generally used for packaging.


Fried banana chip or dried bananas, which is better?

The taste of fried banana slices and roasted dried bananas is relatively brittle. The fried banana chip have a more delicate taste, and the dried plantain chips are more of the taste of the banana itself. Specifically, it depends on personal taste. Different regions have different methods of making bananas. For example, banana chips in the Philippines are baked, and plantain chips in Thailand are fried. This has a lot to do with local food processing habits.

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