What Are the Advantages of Using Frozen French Fries Freezer Machine?

frozen french fries

Classic American fries are usually frozen French fries made in a quick freezer machine. For large-scale production of frozen french fries, the commercial frozen french fries freezer machine will be a very good choice. What are the using advantages of this instant freezer?

What is a frozen french fries freezer?

A quick french fry freezer is also called ultra-low temperature freezer. It is a kind of high-efficiency freezing equipment that can process a large number of products in a very short period of time after fresh raw materials are properly pre-treated.

In fact, there are many uses for quick freezers, from the food industry to the medical industry. According to different use environments and use effect requirements, the refrigeration space of the quick-freezing machine is from -45 ℃ to 0 ℃, and each has its own section. According to the application, there are two types of quick freezers: commercial quick freezers and laboratory quick freezers.

Bulks of frozen french fries
Bulks Of Frozen French Fries

Commercial quick freezers are mainly used to quickly cool food, to achieve the effect of keeping the nutrition of the food from losing and fresh taste. The laboratory special quick-freezer is mainly used for constant temperature and humidity test products and experimental tests.

Structure of quick freezers for frozen french fries

1. Condensation area: Located at the bottom of the freezer, the main component is the condenser.

2. Electronic area: Located at the bottom of the machine, it contains the controller, power supply components and wires.

3. Evaporation area: Located behind the refrigerator compartment inside the freezer, the main component is the evaporator.

4. Storage area: Located inside the cabin of the machine, it is used to freeze and refrigerate food.

Industrial frozen fries freezer from taizy machinery
Industrial frozen fries freezer from Taizy machinery

Using advantages of the frozen french fries freezer machine

1. Freezing French fries with less time and high efficiency. This quick freezer works in batches. The freezing time of each batch of french fries is about 20 to 30 minutes, and the freezing temperature is -45 ° C.

2. There are many different models of this type of frozen french fry freezer, and the capacity and freezing time of each type of quick freezer is different. Customers can choose the machine that suits them according to the raw materials to be frozen and the output.

3. The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and is durable. The door body adopts high-pressure polyurethane foam molding, which has good thermal insulation effect. The number of trays and shelves in the quick freezer can be customized according to customer needs.

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