Process flow of fresh-cut fried potato chips

fresh-cut fried potato chips

Potato chips are not only nutritious, crispy, and delicious, but also convenient to eat, exquisitely packaged, and easy to store. They have become the most popular potato food in the world today, as well as important snack food. So, what are the production processes to make fresh-cut fried potato chips? How can we make potato chips that taste more delicious with the potato chips machine?

Choose potato varieties

What kind of potato is the most suitable for making potato chips? The most critical point is that starch content should be high. Potatoes with high starch content will not absorb much oil when they are fried.

This will not only save fuel, but the fried potato chips will not have a greasy taste. Choose the type of potato, on the one hand, you can see the place of origin of the potato seeds, on the other hand, it can be tested.

Potatoes for processing delicious potato chips
potatoes for processing delicious potato chips

The production process of fresh-cut potato chips

The general production process of potato chips is: raw material cleaning → peeling → slicing → blanching and color protection → frying → seasoning → inflating and bagging.

①Selection of raw materials: Choose fresh potatoes with high dry matter content, requiring pure varieties, shallow sprouts, regular shapes, no mildew, rot, sprouting, and insect pests, and a diameter between 50 and 70 mm.

②Cleaning: Use a washing machine to remove debris and other debris from the raw materials.

Potato chips making machine for small business
potato chips making machine for small business

③Peeling: using mechanical friction peeling method, one feeding 30-40kg, peeling time depends on the freshness of the raw materials, generally 3-8 min. The peeled potatoes are required to be clean and smooth in appearance. The peeling time should not be too long to avoid excessive peeling and increase the material loss rate in the potato peeling machine.

④ Trimming: Remove unfit for edible parts such as buds and mildew on the raw materials. In order to avoid potato chips and shaping individual irregular raw materials.

⑤Slicing: Feed the raw materials into the potato slicer one by one, and the feeding speed should be uniform. The slice thickness is between 1 and 2 mm.

⑥ Rinsing: The sliced ​​potato chips must be immersed in water for rinsing to prevent the potato chips from being oxidized and browned in the air. At the same time, the free starch on the surface of the potato chips is washed away to prevent the starch from dissolving into the oil pan and affecting the life of the frying oil.

The blanched potato chips in the processing line
the blanched potato chips in the processing line

⑦ Color protection: The temperature of the color protection solution is controlled between 80 and 100 ℃ to achieve the purpose of destroying enzyme activity and improving tissue structure. The general blanching time is 1~2min. In addition, a small amount of additives should be added to the color protection liquid.

⑧Dehydration: Spread the stacked materials on the distributor and remove the surface moisture.

⑨Frying: The flakes should enter the potato chips fryer evenly, and the oil temperature should be controlled between 180 and 200 ℃, so as not to increase the frying time and increase the oil content of the finished product. The material must pass through the fryer within 2min. Palm oil is mostly used for frying oil. Compared with other edible oils, it has the characteristics of good stability, long service life, and good shortening performance. It is especially suitable for frying oil.

⑩ De-oiling: After frying the flakes, the remaining oil on the surface is removed by a vibration de-oiling machine, which can extend the product shelf life.

Delicious potato chips making craft with taizy machines
delicious potato chips making craft with Taizy machines

Do potato chips need seasoning?

As for whether fried potato chips need to be seasoned, it mainly depends on the needs of processors. Generally, customers who buy potato chips machines from our factory will choose potato chip seasoning machines to season freshly cut fried potato chips. Because seasoned potato chips will be more popular.

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