Qatar small frozen french fries plant is working

Small Frozen French Fries Plant Was Installed in Qatar

A 300kg/h frozen french fries plant has been completed and put into production in Qatar. This small processing line for making frozen french fry is the semi-automatic operation type but has very high production efficiency.

potato planting and harvesting

The Growth Cycle of Potatoes Used to Make French Fries

The potatoes used to make fries usually come from various potato planting bases. To make high-quality French fries, in addition to buying a trusted French fries processing machines, paying attention to the details of the French fries production process, but also to understand the potato varieties used to process French fries and their growth cycle.

potato chips blanching

Why Do French Fries/Chips Production Line Require Blanching?

In the large-capacity potato chip production line and frozen french fries processing line, sliced ​​potato chips and potato strips need to go through the blanching process to be fried and seasoned. Why? Blanching potatoes can help remove residual potato skins, protect color and prevent oxidation.

large potato chips plants

Why Are Starchy Potato Chips More Expensive on the Market?

Fried potato chips on the market can be divided into potato starch-type potato chips and fresh-cut potato chips according to different processing techniques. Under normal circumstances, the taste of freshly cut potato chips is better than starchy potato chips. Why are starchy potato chips more expensive on the market?

industrial banana chips processing plant for sale

Turkey Potato Chips Line Has Been Shipped

Turkey is also a country that likes to eat potato chips, especially Turkish potato chips of various barbecue flavors are welcomed by the market. Therefore, there is a market for potato chips production with the processing machines. Recently, we shipped a whole potato chips line to Turkey.

french fries made by the french fry machines

How to Eat French Fries in Different Countries?

French fries are not just dipped in tomato sauce. And the way to eat French fries is different in different countries, such as the United States, Britain, Spain, Japan, France, Canada and so on. Let’s see what is the difference in eating french fries in different countries.

various french fries with good tastes

10 Best French Fries You Must Know

If you are a French fries lover, you may be very familiar with British Fish & Chips, American hamburger fries and French fries made by French fries making machines. However, you may don’t know the top 10 best french fries in the world, so the french fries maker machine manufacturer will share it for you here.

fried banana chips made by commercial banana chips processing plant

How to Reduce the Oil Content of Fried Banana Chips?

Whether it is homemade at home or produced by a commercial banana chip processing plant, fried banana chips have a certain oil content. Eating fried banana chips with lower oil content will be easier for the body, so how can we reduce the oil content of fried banana chips?

Negeria banana chips deep processing

Analysis of Nigeria Semi-automatic Plantain Processing Industry

Africa is an important global producer of bananas and plantains. Nigeria is the second-largest producer of plantains in western Africa. In recent years, Nigeria has deep-processed rich banana resources through deep-fried banana chip processing lines used by importers, which has increased added value and created considerable economic income.

traditional fish and chips in UK

How to Make Authentic British Fish & Chips?

Fish & Chips is from the UK and have a long history. Almost all British people love delicious fish and chips. Today, fish and chips have become a symbol of Britain, and they can be made by continuous frying machines on large scale now. Therefore, Fish & Chips gradually become popular all over the world. So, how to make British Fish & Chips?

various types of potato chips of the market

What Are the Categories of Potato Chips On the Market?

You may be familiar with potato chip brands on the market, such as Lay ’s (Walkers, Chipsy, Poca, Tapuchips) and Pringles. But do you really understand potato chips? What are the common types of potato chips on the market? Potato chips are processed differently, so they have different types, such as the sliced type ​​fried potato chips, potato flour type fried potato chips, non-fried potato chips, and high-temperature dehydrated potato chips.

nutritious fried banana chips for human bodies

What Are the Benefits of Eating Fried Banana Chips?

Fried banana chips are made by peeling, slicing, washing, frying, and seasoning bananas with the commercial banana chips processing plants. Not only does it retain most of the nutrients of bananas, but it is also convenient to store and carry. The nutritional value of banana chips is very high, containing a lot of protein and rich vitamins, daily consumption will be beneficial to human health.

market banana chips made by banana chips line

How Are the Banana Chips on the Market Made?

Banana chips products on the market, whether baked or fried, are usually made by professional banana chips processing plants.
Many Southeast Asian countries have invested in commercial banana chip production lines to produce fried banana chips on a large scale, increasing revenue.

potato plantation of the world

Do You Know the Top 5 Potato Producers in the World?

One factor to consider when investing in potato chips and french fries production lines is whether there are sufficient sources of potatoes. Not only to consider the local potato production status but also to understand the world’s top 5 potato producers, namely China, India, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States.

commercial potato chip making craft

Which Potato Varieties Are Suitable for Making Potato Chips?

Each potato tube has its own characteristics and is suitable for processing into different products. Therefore, not all potatoes are suitable for processing potato chips. So, what kind of potatoes are suitable for processing potato chips? The Taizy potato chip machine manufacturer has done corresponding research and will share it for everyone here.

frozen fries made by french fries processing line

Why Freeze the French Fries before Re-frying?

When we make french fries, we usually freeze the french fries before frying them, or simply buy frozen french fries in the supermarket. Moreover, many well-known brands such as KFC and McDonald’s fries are also frozen fries produced by the factory on a large scale. So why do we freeze french fries?

customer visiting french fries machine factory

Egypt Customers Visited and Bought A Complete French Fries Line

We have exported many french fries processing machines to foreign countries. This is not only because of the large market for french fries lines but also because our frozen french fries machines are of good quality and have established a good reputation in this field.

potato chips processing in Ukraine

How to upgrade the Ukrainian potato processing industry?

In order to increase the utilization rate of potatoes and increase their economic added value, Ukraine must accelerate the reform and upgrade of the potato processing industry. So how to upgrade the Ukrainian potato industry? It will be a good choice to produce delicious potato chips with whole set of potato chips making machines!

potato chips frying process with the frying machine

Tips for Daily Use of Potato Chip Frying Machine

In a potato chips processing plant, an efficient potato chip frying machine is an essential device. No matter whether it is a gas-type fryer or an electric fryer, the potato chip production can only be guaranteed to be carried out smoothly if we truly master its use.