commercial potato chip making craft

Which Potato Varieties Are Suitable for Making Potato Chips?

Each potato tube has its own characteristics and is suitable for processing into different products. Therefore, not all potatoes are suitable for processing potato chips. So, what kind of potatoes are suitable for processing potato chips? The Taizy potato chip machine manufacturer has done corresponding research and will share it for everyone here.

frozen fries made by french fries processing line

Why Freeze the French Fries before Re-frying?

When we make french fries, we usually freeze the french fries before frying them, or simply buy frozen french fries in the supermarket. Moreover, many well-known brands such as KFC and McDonald’s fries are also frozen fries produced by the factory on a large scale. So why do we freeze french fries?

customer visiting french fries machine factory

Egypt Customers Visited and Bought A Complete French Fries Line

We have exported many french fries processing machines to foreign countries. This is not only because of the large market for french fries lines but also because our frozen french fries machines are of good quality and have established a good reputation in this field.

potato chips processing in Ukraine

How to upgrade the Ukrainian potato processing industry?

In order to increase the utilization rate of potatoes and increase their economic added value, Ukraine must accelerate the reform and upgrade of the potato processing industry. So how to upgrade the Ukrainian potato industry? It will be a good choice to produce delicious potato chips with whole set of potato chips making machines!

potato chips frying process with the frying machine

Tips for Daily Use of Potato Chip Frying Machine

In a potato chips processing plant, an efficient potato chip frying machine is an essential device. No matter whether it is a gas-type fryer or an electric fryer, the potato chip production can only be guaranteed to be carried out smoothly if we truly master its use.

potato processing in Tanzania

Tanzania Potato Processing Analysis

The current Tanzanian potato product processing market is dominated by retailers, hotels, restaurants, and home-made. There is no large potato processing plant in Tanzania due to the lack of refrigeration facilities, specialized fries machines, and financial support. Therefore, the potato processing industry in Tanzania has great potential.

industrial processing in potato plants with machines

How to Make Potato Chips in Plants?

To make delicious and crisp potato chips, we can do it at home or in plants with the whole set of potato chips machines. If investors have the plan to produce potato chips, in addition to understanding the performance of a series of potato chip processing machines, they also need to understand how to use potato chip production equipment to mass-produce high-quality potato chips in plants.

amazing potato chips making process

History of Potato Chips Making

Most people don’t know much about the process of making potato chips or even don’t know the difference between fried potato chips and non-fries potato chips. The manufacturers of potato chips making machines today will popularize the development history of potato chips here.

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